Piglette Bunnies

by Alyona Nikitina

What’s the secret of these charming Piglettes?

Alyona Nikitina,

creator of Piglette

100% hand-made!

Every Piglette Bunny is hand-made just for you!

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  • Unique basket gift wrapping
  • Available for individual orders

Oh, these lifelike eyes!

The most wonderful thing about Piglettes
is their cute eyes with feathery

Their look is so incredibly

Pleasant to the touch!

Bunnies are made from artificial mink fur!
Piglette Bunnies are the only toys in the world
made from this unique fur.

Inside every Piglette toy there is special
“anti-stress” filler of high quality.

The Bunnies are so soft and pleasant to touch
that you just want to hug them all the time!

Delicately decorated

We choose only the high-quality fabrics for our Piglettes!






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Jewellery inlaid!

Paws, ears and even eyelashes of
Piglette Bunnies from exclusive collections
“Diamonds” and “Angels” are decorated with
thousands of sparkling rhinestones!

Such Piglettes may be
bejeweled with up to
7000 rhinestones!

You can’t help but hug them!

Piglette Bunnies share their warmth
with you and your home!

From the first sight you can’t resist
smiling together with your Piglette!

Piglette is the cutest toy
you’ve ever seen!

Piglette is the cutest toy you’ve ever seen!

Start your adventures!

Piglette Bunnies are perfect to play with!

  • Piglette has a flexible body
  • Piglette can sit and stand easily
  • All Piglettes are 13 inches (33 cm) tall
  • No pills on the Piglette’s fur
  • Easy to clean with a wet wipe
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Sure to make you smile!

Piglette is a perfect present for any occasion

A romantic gift
for your partner
And for no
special reason…
Any memorable

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How do I get my Piglette?

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Unique collection!

All Piglettes are made as a part of seasonal collections.
The number of Piglettes in each collection is limited.
Depending on the intricacy of work collection may contain
from 1 to 37 Bunnies.

Now we’re presenting "Pin-Up" collection,
inspired by bright looks and dresses!

Pin-Up Collection is limited to 27 units

Choose your Bunny!

Don’t forget: the number of toys in each collection is limited!


Coquettish fashionable Piglette

What is Pin-Up without a photo shoot on the beach! What is a photo shoot on the beach without a bright body shirt! So our coquettish Piglette called Love got a glamorous red body shirt which shows off her curvaceous body. The shirt is echoed by scarlet hearts scattered all over the Piglette’s ears and paws, and there’s special appeal in her stylish heart-shaped sunglasses. By the way, these sunglasses are a unique accessory created specially for Love. Black eyes and fine scarlet nose matching her ears and body shirt make the look complete.



Sunny traveller Piglette

The image of Crusoe is inspired by the romance of summer journeys. To decorate the Piglette, I chose red fur associated with summer tan and contrasting with blue ears, the decoration of which is also related to travelling. Here you will find everything you need for a real journey: planes, suitcases and, of course, beach umbrellas at the seaside! Crusoe’s light-colored nose has pearl coating to match the blue color of the ears. To complete the look, I gave the Piglette a light scarf and a stylish suitcase – just like for a real traveler!



Romantic marine-style Piglette

You can’t imagine Pin-Up style without sea theme, represented by Ocean Piglette in the summer collection. The Piglette’s ears and paws are decorated with small ships, lighthouses and seagulls – everything the sea cannot be possibly imagined without! The elements on the ears are echoed by her blue nose and deep blue eyes. Ocean is wearing an elegant body shirt with classic style and color horizontal stripes decorated with fine golden buttons. Sea cadet’s white hat with a golden anchor makes her look incredibly charming.



Sweet summer delicacy

Summer is no good without ice-cream! I designed a special print with favorite summer dainty for ears and paws of Ice-Cream Katy. The ears are echoed by warm ginger beige fur and playful coffee brown eyes. The Piglette’s head is decorated with a delicate lacy bow to go with her light wrap and makes her look like an incredibly charming Pin-Up Girl. Delicate pink nose and silver ice-cream cone decorating Katy’s wrap complete her sweet look.


How to buy a Piglette toy?

One Piglette from the primary collection costs:


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fill in the form below:

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Sweet and juicy melon Piglette

One of the special features of Pin-Up style is using bright fruit and berry prints for clothes. So, ears and paws of Melony, the most colourful in the collection, are decorated with an ornament of juicy melon segments which always remind about hot summer. According to Pin-Up style, Melony has got a bright red polka-dot headscarf which goes great with the decoration of her ears. The bright decoration is added by fashionable denim vest with a brooch in the form of a small ripe watermelon. Black eyes and delicate pink nose complete the look.



Seductive Sweet tooth from Pin-Up Diamonds series

The sweetest Piglette of the collection! This year unforgettable Emmy has been reborn in the premium Diamonds collection, and her ears, paws and even eyelashes are now glittering with hundreds of sparklers! A sweet ornament on delicate pink satin, which was specially designed at our Studio, is accentuated by fine inlay work with five types of sparkles creating wonderful play of light! Her ears are echoed by sparkling ice-cream buttons on the Piglette’s belly. A satin ribbon, decorated with a brooch to make it even more glittering, completes the look of sparkling Emmy!



Sky-blue charming luxury – the pearl of the Diamonds series

Hundreds of sparkles on Audrey’s ears and paws create a fine ornament with a luxurious glittering bow in the middle! The Piglette’s delicate nose and touching blue eyes match the sky-blue satin on her ears and paws! The head of this Royal person is crowned with a light-blue ribbon and a sparkling bow. Elegant bow buttons matching the inlay work on Audrey’s ears complete the look.



Star Piglette from the premium Pin-Up Diamonds series

To decorate the ears and paws of sparkling Lisa I designed a print with bright golden stars adorned by glittering crystals to make the Piglette’s look even more magical! Sparkling golden nose and star buttons on her belly match the Bunny’s ears. By the way, this Piglette is named after Elizabeth (Liz) Taylor, one of the most brilliant models of Pin Up era! The Piglette’s head is decorated with a golden crown – she’s just like a real Princess. Touching brown eyes complete the star look of Liz.



The Wedding Couple Piglettes

These Piglettes symbolize union of hearts and they never part! Julie the Bride holds a magnificent bouquet in her paws while her head is decorated with a sparkling tiara and a wedding veil. Richie the Bridegroom is wearing a snow-white suit vest with a festive buttonhole!




Exclusive series "Angels"

This Piglette is custom-made from real fur. Her ears, paws and even lashes shine with the beauty of more than 7000 hand-inlaid rhinestones! Her exquisiteness are accentuated by the 24K gold-sputtered heart shaped pendant. And of course Angel has wings warming her back – which can be taken off, if desired.



Bespoke Piglette

Custom made Piglette just for You

Unique Piglette's image customized to Your every desire. This includes personalized fabric selection, bejewelling of ears, paws and heels, and also a jewel inlaid Princess dress. All this will make Your Piglette truly one of kind!


You can order hand-made
basket gift wrapping
for your Piglette!
You can order
a special tag with
a name or congratulation!


An inlaid Princess dress

Every Princess must have a luxurious dress! A dress is made individually for each Piglette from soft satin combined with fine lace and organza. Unique inlaid work with sparkling crystals completes the look!




Comfy casual suit

This is how Princesses dress when there are no official receptions and meetings! Comfy suit is created especially for strolls as well as the most distant journeys. Soft pompoms and a lovely hood with openings for ears add to its charm!




Unique look of your Piglette

When a suit and a dress are not enough, together we create a unique look for your Piglette! A hip-hop Bunny or a Fairy Bunny, an Oriental princess or a Ballerina Bunny - your imagination is the only limit!


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Piglettes help children!

By ordering Piglette Bunnies you take part
in “Piglette for kids” charity program!

Portion of the proceeds goes to
Children’s Centre “Sunflower” Fund,
which takes care of kids with special needs.

Have a question or want to share? Feel free to contact me!

Under protection of the law

Piglette Bunnies are unique and hand-made designer toys protected by the copyright law.

The Bunny’s image is patented by Alyona Nikitina
designer of Piglette Bunnies.

Imitation of Piglette Bunnies’ image is illegal
and is punishable by a fine of $100,000

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